Secure Futures, Freelance Business Technology Writer / Journalist

$300 to $1,000 USD per article
19 Jan 2021
19 Feb 2021
Kaspersky Secure Futures
Job Type
Part Time

Secure Futures is Kaspersky’s award-winning international digital magazine for C-suite and senior professionals to explore leadership and new technologies:

We’re inviting journalists and writers to pitch articles for commission in December 2021. We’ll commission in three rounds:

  • Pitches received February 1, 2021
  • Pitches received May 1, 2021
  • Pitches received September 1, 2021

We pay $300 to $1000 US dollars per article, depending on your topic and profile as a writer.

What to pitch

 Generalist senior business audience, assuming no specialist technical knowledge, in any country, any industry.

Topics: In general, we cover technology, business and cybersecurity. This year our priority topics include future of work, future of society and digital transformation.


  • Interviews with movers and shakers in technology
  • Interviews with tech start-ups or established businesses using technology to improve their industry or the world
  • Opinion pieces on challenges businesses could be facing (with an angle about technology)
  • Primers introducing a new trend, technology or business practice
  • Ideas and copy for infographics (we’ll take care of design.)

Always include expert knowledge (your own or from interviews) – we won’t commission pure desk research or listicles – and a cybersecurity angle if relevant.

Length: 400 to 2000 words

For more on what we’re looking for, download our writers’ brief and background:

How to pitch

Check Secure Futures to see what we’ve published before on your topic:

Your pitch must include:

  • The audience
  • Your idea in one short paragraph
  • Who you’ll quote and interview, if relevant
  • Your fee for copy + two rounds of amends
  • The date you could submit your first draft
  • If you HAVEN’T written for Secure Futures before, links to two of your web articles.

Click 'APPLY NOW' to send your application to Susi O’Neill, Head of Global B2B Brand Content, Kaspersky.